• Are you concerned about the plight of the poor and vulnerable children, youths and adults whose human rights and freedoms including entitlements to education, food, health care, and housing are continuously violated?

  • As a global citizen, do you feel that a lot more is yet to be done to liberate millions of fellow human beings who suffer the bondages of chronic poverty and related consequences?

  • Do you feel the need and the passion to change the lives of at least one or two of these socially disadvantaged individuals in Uganda?

EDI Uganda is glad to use your donation of whatever amount to make a difference...

...how your donation will impact...!

...enhance service delivery...!
...fund Adult Education
...stock the community
center library...
...facilitate EDI Programs...

Bank Details

Bank Account Name:      Education and Development Initiatives Uganda

Bank:                                  dfcu Bank

Bank Address:                  P.O. Box 70 Kampala Uganda, Tel: +256 312 300 200 / +256 312 300 711

Account number:           0146 3552 4983 33(UGX)

SWIFT:                                DFCUUGKA

What to donate

You can donate to EDI Uganda any amount of money even if it is one dollar per week.
Contact the Executive Director by Cell + 256 772 403 281