EDI Uganda shares useful resources generated solely and / or in partnership with other development actors. They include outcome reports, learning resources and other materials produced by staff, members and associates of EDI Uganda.;

Photo gallery

Carefully shot images that you can use for learning, reflection and action to change our world.

Print media

A series of printed materials in form of posters, newsletters, position papers, reports, conference papers, and training manuals on a range of education and development issues and concerns are downloadable. Just click the title!

  • Business Skills Development Poster (hyplink doc.2) announcing the pilot business skills development pilot implemented by EDI Uganda with support of UGAADEN and dvv international.

Videos & Audios

Videos and Audios capturing interesting events, conversations and real happenings that require your attention and action are available: The missing EFA balance, Robert Jjuuko makes a point during ICAE General Assembly in Sweden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fu7kSJHiSY