Research and advocacy

Development work is full of puzzling situations which demand evidence-based responses. Dealing with people’s social life demands a good understanding of the circumstances and conditions that shape their emotions, thinking and actions. Similarly, pushing or advocating for social change demands credibility based on a firm grip of the issues, concerns as well as alternatives Uganda has got a keen interest in contributing to the generation of research-based knowledge and solutions to ending poverty and its consequences.

Research & Advocacy Agenda

EDI Uganda is developing a focused research agenda that is largely practice-oriented drawing on its experience in education and development work at the micro and meso levels. The research outcomes are designed to inform advocacy actions by EDI Uganda, its partners and other state and non-state actors. Research proposals and projects on a specific social issue or with a multi-thematic focus on Adult Learning Policy and Practice, Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups, Early School Leaving, Literacy, Language and Reading Culture, Smaller-Holder Farming Practices are prioritized.

Advocacy materials and Tools

Adult Education Petition to 9th Parliament prepared by a individuals and organizations with a passion for promoting adult learning and education in Uganda, as led by UGAADEN and FENU