Business Skills Development

Limited opportunities to work and earn due to inadequate skills coupled with poor capital endowment undermines efforts by the poor to escape poverty. Those in the informal sector are confronted with a range of infrastructural, institutional and economic constraints that further limit the growth, productivity and sustainability of their enterprises.  The local manifestation of these constraints includes insufficient or no access to business development support services; limited access to sources of credit; limited access to information on market opportunities and government regulations.

We design tailor-made training sessions to enable selected population groups seize the opportunities and means for better livelihoods. 

The Pilot Business SkillsDevelopments Project implemented in 2012, in partnership with Uganda Adult Education Network, helped us to further appreciate the dynamics within the informal sector. We engaged 24 economically active youths and women within the informal sector in Njeru. There is evidence that the pilot project enhanced the financial freedom of the participants. The training component of the project encompassed key areas in entrepreneurship, ICT and financial literacy.