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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

AEC Community College offers two main ICT training options namely short and professional courses.  Short courses run regularly on a monthly basis. Enroll and take advantage of the flexibility that meets your personal preferences and needs.

These short courses cover everything from Microsoft office applications.  Learn how to write letters and documents using a computer; archive numerical data and calculate formulas; create basic data bases, design business cards; and navigate the World Wide Web. The courses are ideal for all those who feel the gap in their understanding and practical competencies in using computers.

Your path to ICT Careers

Equip yourself with a comprehensive understanding of information technology and gain practical skills through our certificate and diploma courses. These courses suit best those who want to start a professional career in the field of ICT.  Certificate and Diploma course run on a semester basis for one year. The two semesters are followed by an industrial training attachment to relevant organizations and institutions.

The certificate study program is designed to help learners to use Microsoft products to ease day-to-day office life. Learners cover important content including IT principles and theory about software design. Certificate students learn how to install software, repair computers, create and manage data bases and simple web pages.

The diploma program exposes learners are exposed to all the content under the certificate program but with a deep coverage, analysis and engagement.  In addition, they cover IT Network Architecture including its configuration; how to maintain IT hardware, and program their own application.