Become an Associate of EDI Uganda (main link)

  • Are you concerned about the plight of children, youths and adults without access to good quality education and training?
  • Are you bothered that millions of Ugandans are poor, vulnerable and deprived to their inherent human right to live a dignified life?
  • Do you have a passion for social change and sustainable development and would want to play your part?
  • How do you want to play your part? Could it be by way of undertaking independent research, media campaign, fundraiser, or as a facilitator for community development?
  • You might be thinking about using social media and any other online resource to make the known the plight of the poor and marginalized!
Whatever way you want to play your part,
EDI Uganda is your companion and partner.
Write to the Executive Director to become an Associate of EDI Uganda; and explain the way you want to play your part and for how long you plan to remain an Associate of EDI Uganda.
The Executive Director will contact you for a detailed interaction on the way forward
As an Associate, you will be issued with a certificate, identification card together with mutually agreed terms of reference