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Vision and Mission

EDI Uganda envisions and works to contribute to the attainment of “a literate, prosperous and learning society”. Our understanding of this dream society is a better world whose development architecture is based on the universal respect for social justice including the full enjoyment of the right to good quality education by all children, youths and adults. A world whose development strategy is primarily to expand human choice and creating opportunities for improved quality of life for all is the vision that we cherish and contribute to its attainment.

We cherish the values of humanism, equity, and justice thus compelling us to work to contribute to universal and equal access to opportunities and resources by every citizen irrespective of social, economic, biological and political status and class. We observe and consider the principles and virtues of honesty, openness, integrity, commitment, sacrifice, volunteerism and mutual trust as integral ingredients of our work and service.

EDI Uganda’s mission is “to be an outstanding civil society agency, facilitating the empowering process of individuals and communities for social change and sustainable development through education, training, research, advocacy, communication, compassion and advisory service”. We work with the socially and educationally marginalized groups to develop their capabilities for sustainable livelihoods. Our choice to focus on the vulnerable groups is evidence-based and supported by local, national and international Research.