The mainstay of our work is the strong partnership with local, national and global individual citizens and organizations. These partnerships are very useful in generating the financial, material and human resources we need for development work. We specially acknowledge these individuals and organizations:
  • dvv International for the financial and material support towards strengthening vocational skills development under the AEC Community College (2005-2008)
  • Netherlands Embassy in Uganda contributed financial resources for the construction of our administration and information block (1999).
  • Uganda Community Libraries Association provided small grant for library furniture and construction of the Mural Board (2008)
  • The Jürgen Beuermann Family in Germany supports website designing and hosting (2009 to date)
  • I% Fund for Development in Switzerland made available the required funds for construction of a training block (2001)
  • Njeru Urban Local Government offered land on occasional terms (1995)
  • Nile Breweries Limited for supporting an innovative Workplace Literacy Initiative (2005)
  • Saved Tools Foundation, Netherlands provided refurbished carpentry tools (2000)
  • Computer Aid International, United Kingdom provided our first batch of consignment of used computers at low cost (2001).
  • Tools with a Mission, United Kingdom provided some sewing machines and typewriters free of charge (2004).
  • Book Aid International, United Kingdom provided new and used books (1995).
We cherish our membership with Uganda Adult Education Network and the Uganda Community Libraries Association. To be able to pay basic operational costs including utility bills, we collect some user-fees on our services and facilities.