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Our Distinctive Approach

Our intentions and work are informed by our strong conviction and recognition of the emancipatory and instrumental role of education and learning in enabling the powerless and excluded poor citizens to secure their rights. We strongly believe that we should never work for the people. We work to create and facilitate learning spaces for the socially and educationally marginalized people and groups to share and generate knowledge and practices to influence social structures to deliver justice and equality. We also fully recognize that it is their skills and competencies which can effectively connect them to work and income opportunities.

We will always use participatory methodologies and learning techniques to enable the target beneficiaries to understand and interrogate social structures, legislation and policies that perpetuate marginalization and social exclusion.

We will promote active citizenship and pro-active engagement of citizens with local government leaders and officials. We will work to transform and re-orient social networks of the poor and other local civil society associations / institutions to serve as platforms for building collective citizen voices and capacity to demand for a development approach that works for the poor.

  • We always strive to ensure that our work and service directly benefits the following:
  • Orphaned and vulnerable children especially girls and those with special basic needs including education
  • Early school leavers without skills for life and work
  • Non-literate youths and adults who are often left out by mainstream education and development work
  • and including guardians of orphaned children and youths
  • Other marginalized individuals such as Widows, Single Parents, Prisoners, War Victims, PLW/HIV, and Victims of Gender-Based Violence.

The 3 Year Strategic Plan core purpose is Strengthened Capabilities for improved Productivity, and Civic Engagement.